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Pastoral Care Services

Meet the Chaplains

Reverend Dr. Susan Carole RoyReverend Dr. Susan Carole Roy
Director, Department of Pastoral Care Services

Chaplain Job Paul AlugulaChaplain Job Paul Alugula
Staff Chaplain
Lead Chaplain for Behavioral Health and DOC Unit

Reverend Melvin A. DupreeReverend Melvin "Mel" A. Dupree
Staff Chaplain
Lead Chaplain for Night Shift

Reverend David HarnessReverend David Harness
Staff Chaplain
Lead Chaplain for Women's and Children's Health

Rabbi Ruth SmithRabbi Ruth Smith
Staff Chaplain
Lead Chaplain for CSICU, Organ Transplant and Adult ED

Father William Father William "Bill" Spacek
Staff Chaplain, Catholic Priest for UMMC
Lead Chaplain for Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

Chaplain Kathi StoreyChaplain Kathi Storey
Staff Chaplain
Lead Chaplain for Night Shift

Reverend Cindy L. ToenniessenReverend Cindy L. Toenniessen
Staff Chaplain
Lead for Shock Trauma

Father John SchulmeisterFather John Schulmeister (.25 FTE)
Catholic Priest for STC

Chaplain Thomas KeneaReverend Thomas Kenea
Per Diem Reverend

Chaplain John ManiyattChaplain John Maniyatt
Per Diem Chaplain

Reverend Dr. Alexandra Mattern-RoggelinReverend Dr. Alexandra Mattern-Roggelin
Per Diem Chaplain

Reverend Phyllis RadlinskiReverend Phyllis Radlinski
Per Diem Chaplain

Reverend Claudia TillerReverend Claudia Tiller
Per Diem Chaplain

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